Included here are my collections of personnally created and collated REX2 files, which some of you may have heard in some of my musical pieces, these are files that I have created for all users of purchased versions of RiffWorks.

You can use these beats in tandem with your Instant Drummer, but only if you have Riffworks Standard or Riffworks Line 6 Edition, these sets will not work in RiffWorks T4, though if you have Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, and Logic Pro, they can be utilized in those programs.

They have been designed to mix with your instant drummer, but you can also use them on their own, or mix them together, by doing this there are endless usages.


It has taken a long time to put these together, so please don't take these and then state it is your own work, and try to sell them... I will find you !!

All files included within both boxes are 100% compatible with RiffWorks, how you use them is your decision, simply save them to your hard drive where you find it easiest to access. If you later decide to move the folder, RiffWorks will ask you to find the related REX2 files that you have used in your music.

So location or placement is up to you. Oh yes, for those of you who are a little confused - All files are REX2.

Whilst I have created these as files that can be downloaded for free, it would be greatly appreciated if a small donation was made to thank the creator by clicking on the Make a Donation button below.


Inside REX BOX 1 (394MB) is well over 900 rex files.

It contains Bongos. Congos, Hi-Hats, Bass Drums or Kicks, Snare Hits and Rolls, Breaks and Stops, Tom Rolls and Beats, Electronic Beats, Drumbeats in the Styles of Various Drummers, Arabic, African, Indian Percussion, and in addition a set of *.rwp files - or Riffworks Presets for users of RiffWorks Standard.

Also included are various beats at differing time signatures, so you will find 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and additionally 7/4, 9/8, 11/8, 12/8


Inside REX BOX 2 - (205MB) are well over 500 files, which comprise of time stretched sounds of nature, ambiances, breathing, clocks, bombs, which will fit in a 4 bar or 8 bar sequence.

This set also includes a large set of old-style Drum Machines - 808, 909, SR16, RX5, DMX, VL Tone, Linn, Rhythm Ace, and also an additional set of vocal phrases,

It also contains some new Drumbeats and a new Bongos and Congos set, with additional ethnic percussion, It also contains a bunch of solo crash cymbals, rides, and various hi-hat loops. 
NB: Some sounds are adult in nature, use with caution.



Rex Box 3

Inside REX BOX 3 are beats based on the sounds of drummerheads instant drummer files, additional rhythm ace files, the complete Roland 808 original rhythm presets, straight beats, odd beats, extra bongos and percussion elements, and some rhythm snatches from well known songs. The specific emphasis of this set is on percussion, in its various forms. There are also single crashes, rolls and drum fills in this set.

£15.00 (GB)