have been playing guitar for many years, originally based in Bristol, being a member of an unknown band of musicians called Kayak, that canoe departed early. (though if you watch this space I will be posting online some blasts from these pasts, quality might be a bit cassette tape and hiss but I hope to tweak them a little with some audio tricks called adjustment of treble, mid and bass, i.e equalisation, they might also in some cases be in shocking MONO...!)

I then continued composing music with one of the members of that band, calling ourselves "Twin Soul Tribe", music had a more dance ethos, but since we didn't have a drummer only a Alesis SR16 and a old Yamaha Drum Machine, dance music was too simplistic for the drum machine (and the programmer) !

I stopped playing guitar for a few years after the musicians got married, and left for domestic bliss, so it was decided without words to call it a day, and I then stopped composing, I then moved to South Wales Barry!

During that change of locale I bought a UX2, and started to compose music again, and then joined an online music community called 'RiffWorld", to give my music somewhere to be heard, and also someplace for it to be reviewed, and of course collaborate with like musicians.

So on this site you will hear some of the songs which are my original concepts and chord arrangements, with additional work from the global musician community called www.riffworld.com.

The newer material you will hear over time - is completely played by me, without outside intervention; which isn't something I prefer, but since the online community and ways to collaborate via the net, have been placed on a subscription basis, it seems that RiffWorld has become a ghost town.

So having rediscovered the guitar again and my keyboard and anything I can lay my hands on, composing skills, I hope your enjoying the music...